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Summer Camp at Texas Dynamix Plano

Summer is almost here! This means summer camp is back. Just like last year, we are bringing all the fun & more. Summer camp that offers fun activities is a great way for kids to engage with friends, stimulate their minds and bodies, and occupy their time. Texas Dynamix summer camp is a great way for your kids to be entertained, active, and excited during the summer!

Our summer camp is convenient for parents too. We know summer can be busy, which is why we offer a pay by day rate, as well as varied hours that fits your needs. Come see us when you can! We want to make it convenient for all the hard-working parents.

Summer in Dallas is hot! Texas Dynamix summer camp is the perfect way to stay cool indoors and protected from the sun, but still be active. We also have some outdoor activities. This year, we are offering optional field trips during some weeks. If your kid is joining us all summer, they will never be bored!

These are just some of the perks! We are having a different theme for every week to have an activity for everyone. The 20 minute rotations through activities ensure that whether your kiddos are interested in gymnastics, games, crafts, or more, there is something fun for them! Our camp is for ages 4-12, gymnast or not, there will be friends there for everyone.

Join us for lots of summer fun!

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