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Why Gymnastics Is So Great For Toddlers

The toddler years of children are some of the most important years for them to begin to develop physical, emotional, and cognitive learning skills. These aspects as well as strength, confidence, senses, independence, balance, coordination, social interaction, and discipline can all be developed with Gymnastics. With the added plus of it being super fun! Gymnastics is great because it is inclusive; it is for everyone! It also offers years of opportunity to grow and advance as they get older, stronger, and more confident. It strengthens not only their bones and muscles, but their mind and attitude. Toddlers have a lot of energy! Gymnastics helps aid them in channeling their energy bursts into a healthy activity that involves the brain and the body.

Our toddlers and their parents love Texas Dynamix! We offer Rollie Pollie classes for toddlers to separate them and focus on classes and skills that benefit them and their development. In these classes we create an environment for toddlers to thrive. There is no judgment for our toddlers, and it is all about helping them improve and grow in a safe, friendly, and encouraging environment. One of the best parts is seeing our kiddos who were previously in Rollie Pollie classes advance to our other gymnastics classes and continuing to grow. Our athletes love collaborating and watching their younger peers grow and learn gymnastics alongside them. Some of our coaches are past or current gymnasts that want to spread the excitement of gymnastics and help young kids grow through it like they did. Our athletes love Texas Dynamix and all we have to offer for all ages!

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