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Texas Dynamix

Teaching the Next Generation of USA Gymnastic team

At Texas Dynamix Gymnastics, you will find much more than just an extensive gymnastics training facility. We also offer cheerleading, dance, and tumbling. Our Gymnastics Club values the wellbeing and safety of its athletes and employees. We will not settle for anything less than excellent, hands on gymnastics instruction with all of our athletes regardless of the age, class level, or ability of the child.

Both of our locations are two of the best gyms in Texas.

We create a healthy, fun and energetic environment for all ages

Every parent will agree that choosing a gym for their child can be a stressful and daunting task. But, if you take the time to research where your child should go, it will be the best decision you ever make. Choosing a gym is not a measure of your child’s skill level or athletic ability. Your child should get involved in the sport they love and enjoy.  One of the reasons why people stress over their child’s decision to join a gym, is because they have heard of different gyms using intimidating methods to force children into their programs and it makes them feel afraid. 

We hire the best coaches in Texas to foster a healthy gym experience for your little ones to explore, play, practice and enjoy spending time with their friends. 

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We have the best gymnastics coaches in Dallas!

Did you know that a difficult sport to learn like gymnastics offers a number of benefits for kids? From physical skills to creativity and confidence, there are numerous benefits that come from gymnastics. It's a sport that is fun, exciting and very rewarding for kids.

When it comes to physical skills, gymnastics offers a number of benefits for kids. Through gymnastics, kids can develop coordination, balance and body control. 

Gymnastics for kids is also a great way for children to express themselves creatively. Gymnastics allows kids an outlet to tell a story through dance and movement on a mat or floor. Children who participate in gymnastics have more self-confidence and are able to be creative in other areas as well.
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Competitive Cheer

Cheerleading has moved beyond the traditional high school and college cheer squads. Many middle school children now compete with their local cheer squads, and cheerleading for kids has become very popular. 

Many children (especially those who are young and playful) get the most out of the sport by participating in early classes.

Cheerleading is an inexpensive way to get all your child's friends involved in a fun activity, as well as a team-building exercise.

In our programs, students are taught basic cheerleading skills in a fun, entertaining, and safe way. Students also learn teamwork, dedication, and focus–all useful life skills. Beginning cheer training at a young age instills these skills and sets the groundwork for success.

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When talking about gymnastics, you may also hear the term ‘tumbling’ thrown in the mix as well. Are tumbling and gymnastics the same thing?

A lot of people assume that the only form of gymnastics is with equipment, like when you see a young child doing cartwheels or handstands. But floor gymnastics, also known as tumbling, is another type altogether.

Tumbling is not limited to cartwheels but includes backflips and handsprings among many others. 

Tumbling, being a part of gymnastics, falls under artistic gymnastics. Cheerleaders are frequently seen doing tumbling in their routines.

Tumbling is performed without any specialized equipment. Stunts like backflips, handsprings, somersaults, and tucks are shown on the floor using tumbling mats for added cushion. Tumbling is seen in gymnastics, in elements such as the floor routines in the Olympics, but tumbling does not feature the same dancing elements like in floor routines.

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Birthday Venues

Bounce houses, open gym and party area available.

Bounce houses are one of the most popular attractions at children's birthday parties. They are a fun and safe way to enjoy yourself and your friends by jumping, swinging, playing games, having a good time and much more. 

This is the birthday party of the century. We will provide a safe environment where your child can enjoy it with all their friends and family.

For entertainment, we have our bounce houses, trampolines, foam pit, and we also play games to keep everyone active and having fun. You will have full access to our gym for the kids to play in. We have tables, chairs and an area for your child to enjoy their birthday cake and food (not provided). 

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We have two gymnastic clubs in Dallas TX area

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