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What We Do: 

Eco-Friendly Design

Welcome to our Day Care Gymnastics Program! We bring the joy of gymnastics directly to preschools, igniting excitement and fostering physical development in young children. Our program is specially designed to introduce preschoolers to the fundamentals of gymnastics in a fun, safe, and engaging environment. Led by our certified instructors, each session is carefully crafted to promote coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength, all while encouraging creativity and imagination. Through a combination of age-appropriate exercises, games, and activities, children will learn basic gymnastics skills such as rolls, jumps, balances, and basic tumbling techniques. Our curriculum is tailored to accommodate varying skill levels, ensuring that every child feels challenged and supported as they progress at their own pace.

How To Join: 

Joining our Day Care Gymnastics Program at TX Dynamix is easy for parents whose child's school is already partnered with us. If your child's school is part of our TXD family, simply create an account on our website and sign up your little one for our exciting gymnastics classes! Click the "Create An Account" button below. While we don't offer trials for our day care program, we do provide an opportunity for parents to experience our classes through demo sessions. Directors of day care centers can also request demo classes for their facilities. To schedule a demo class, reach out to Melanie C. at At TX Dynamix, we're dedicated to providing high-quality gymnastics instruction that promotes physical development, confidence, and fun for preschoolers. Join our Day Care Gymnastics Program today and watch your child soar!

How To Enroll Your School:

Contact to request a demo class at your preschool!

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