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Texas DYNAMIX Carrollton Level 2 Gymnasts Texas Tough

The Level 2 gymnasts from Texas DYNAMiX Carrollton earned 2nd Place on February 27, 2021. The Texas Tough Gymnastics Invitational was held in Dallas at the Hilton Anatole Hotel. Texas DYNAMIX Plano had a gymnast in each division. The scoring and awards were different from past seasons and an earlier meet this year.Normally, Level 2 gymnasts receive Achievement blue, red, white, or yellow ribbons for the four individual events, based on scores the girls receive from the judges. This meet the girls received scores and places determined by how the gymnast performed with the top number of gymnasts receiving medals.

Level 2, Junior A

(letter next to gymnasts name indicates which gym they competed for, C- Carrollton; P-Plano)

Gymnast, Name of Gym Vault, Place Bars. Beam Floor. All-Around

Avery Griviois, C 7.0-13th 6.7-13th 7.25-13th 7.7-13th 28.65-13th

Sophie Rosenfield, P. 8.05-12th 7.9-10th 8.4- T7th 8.7-11th 33.05-11th

Finley Yelm, C 8.9-8th 7.35-12th 7.5-12th 9.05-4th 32.8-12th

Level 2, Junior B

(letter next to gymnasts name indicates which gym they competed for, C-Carrollton; P-Plano)

Gymnast, Name of Gym Vault, Place Bars Beam Floor All-Around

Juliana Cummings, C 9.55-T2nd 9.35-T4th 9.3-4th 9.2-4th 37.4-4th

Teagan James, C 9,05-T14th 8.7-11th 8.7-11th 8.0-16th 34.65-12th

Claire Marten, C 9.3-9th 9.3-T7th 7.8-17th 9.1-5th 35.5-10th

Marie Claire Molina, C 9.15-T12th 7.4-16th 8.55-13th 8.65-13th 33.75-15th

Avery Schaller, C 9.25-10th 8.15-14th 8.7-12th 8.7-T11th. 34.8-11th

Sage Schnitizius, C. 8.9-16th. 7.0-17th. 8.3-T14th. 7.5-17th. 31.7-17th

Sloane Siglin, P. 7.7-17th. 8.4-12th. 8.8-T8th. 8.5-15th. 33.4-16th

Madison Webb, C. 9.45-T5th. 8.2-13th. 8.05-16th. 8.85-10th. 34.55-13th

Kennedy Yelm, C 9.05-T14th 9.1-10th 9.1-5th 9.0-T6th 36.25-8th

January 9th, the Level 2, Texas DYNAMIX Carrollton team earned 2nd place at the Winter Blast Classic.The Level 2 girls competed in a meet For the first time in their lives.Congratulations. you performed better and improved your skills! Some of the gymnasts will continue Level 2 while others will compete Level 3 next season.

Team website

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